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When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Attorney Jeff Mundy at The Mundy Firm PLLC has decades of experience tackling complex injury cases. He is one of only a small percentage of attorneys in Texas who is board-certified in personal injury trial law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He first became board certified in 1996, and has been re-certified every five years since then.  He has decades of experience helping clients and other attorneys navigate a wide range of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

Experienced Guidance On A Wide Range Of Personal Injury Claims

Based in Austin, attorney Jeff handles cases throughout the state involving claims such as:

  • Defective products
  • Toxic torts
  • Chemical plant exposure claims
  • Major truck wrecks
  • Catastrophic transportation accidents even involving bus and train collisions.

Jeff works with the pre-eminent product and accident reconstruction experts nationally how to understand how and why major injuries occurred. He then analyzes the surrounding legal duties, causation, harm, damages and questions of liability.

Serving As Collaborative Co-Counsel On Personal Injury Litigation

Attorney Jeff works with injury victims and their family, and also with other attorneys handling complex injury cases who call him for assistance. When the cause is just, Jeff has jumped into help even on the eve of trial when another lawyer needs help. He also has been retained as an expert assist other lawyers as a consulting expert on national level mass tort claims. He takes a collaborative approach to serving as co-counsel for cases that go to trial. Other lawyers frequently seek out his guidance and insight on the litigation process. The paramount goal is to help clients in need.

Our parents teach us to accept responsibility when we break something or hurt someone and do what we can to make the situation right. However, today’s corporate executives frequently have very different morals. Only rarely will a company have a corporate policy of accepting responsibility when they cause harm. Much more often, corporations deny responsibility, hide documents and evidence, and will use their unlimited budgets and massive insurance policies to hire armies of corporate lawyers and consultants to fight a war of attrition on those who they harm. They now pay their lawyers up to and more than a $1,000/hour, and yet cry a shrill note to politicians to limit their financial responsibility to those they harm.

The financial toll of a significant injury or wrongful death can be devastating to a whole family, physically, financially, and emotionally. When you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one due to wrongful conduct, negligence or defective product of another person or company, you need a lawyer by your side. When you fail to pursue a case against those who have injured you or a family member, you effectively punish yourself. Financial compensation can very well save you from years of future deprivation, and it relieve the financial burden imposed on you and your family that you were forced to endure because of others.

You Can Help Others


Our justice system very rarely sends anyone to prison for injuring another through a defective product or wrongful conduct.

As imperfect as our legal system may be, where the wrongful conduct causes great harm, justice and accountability may only be had through imposing responsibility for monetary damages.

Imposing financial responsibility in one case can change conduct to the benefit of all in a community.

Some examples of positive changes caused by holding companies responsible and accountable for their actions include equipping cars with seatbelts and airbags, designing safer baby cribs which do not allow babies’ heads to become trapped in the slats, limiting the discharge of toxic materials into our air and water, and labeling of products to reveal potentially hazardous ingredients.

Citizens share a responsibility not just to seek compensation for themselves, but also seek justice and accountability for loved ones, our coworkers, and our community when harm and injustice occur.

Pursuing accountability and responsibility of the culpable person, product, or company helps to discourage the conduct and hopefully protect others.

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Jeff Mundy of The Mundy Firm PLLC has a long history of successful litigation work. He is board-certified by the State Bar of Texas in personal injury law. He can help you hold wrong-doers accountable, seek justice for yourself, and protect others in the process. Call him at his Austin office at 512-746-1315 to set up a consultation.