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Protecting Your Land, Your Wildlife, and Your Rights

The Mundy Firm PLLC has earned a reputation as a staunch advocate for the injured, and also for ranchers, farmers, and rural landowners fighting to protect their land, water, and wildlife. Jeff has spent a substantial amount of his practice in recent years battling the pipeline companies using their unbridled powers of eminent domain to take land, while destroying land, water, and wildlife – the livelihoods and legacies of our Texas ranches. The firm now focuses much of its practice on environmental law matters including water rights for ranchers, farmers, and other rural Texans.

Jeff is especially focused on protecting endangered species on Texas ranches.  Jeff also has developed strategies to help ranches obtain income from protecting endangered species and habitat. As hard as it may seem to believe, Jeff has even been able to obtain payments for landowners to grow rare cactus. Jeff and his clients talk and smile about forming the unofficial Texas Cactus Ranching Association, but it is just one example of how Mr. Mundy tries to work collaboratively with ranchers and also with the companies to find workable solutions to challenging problems.

Many of the wildlife protection battles involve an ever-changing mix of environmental laws at the federal, state, and local levels.

Jeff frequently works with other attorneys to fight for preservation of the environment.  He often is brought in by a client’s oil and gas law firm to assist with protection of the natural resources on ranches during pipeline condemnation proceedings or drilling activities which may be disruptive to the ranch and/or destructive of wildlife habitat and water resources.

As one example, the firm was brought in to assist with a federal trial under the Endangered Species Act on behalf of The Aransas Project, which represented over 300 groups, individuals and governmental entities trying to protect whooping cranes in Texas through the Endangered Species Act. It was a significant and meaningful effort for all parties involved.

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