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Again Jeff, thank you so very much for all of your perseverance, determination, strength and guidance. Throughout this difficult process, I truly felt you were acting and supporting us as a friend. You are a good man and I appreciate all you’ve done to help Glenn myself and our family, as well as honor Kristen’s memory.
Carolyn C.

And I truly thank all of you… for all the hard and diligent work that all of you performed over the past 1 plus years on behalf of my daughter and family…. And again Jeff, thank you so very much for just taking on this case where no other Attorney, either from here in Boston nor from there in Texas………would. And to all of you I say good bye with the words from a famous and beautiful…..An Old Irish Blessing – go……. “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand”.
Sincerely, Glenn C.-…..The so very proud father of “daddy’s little girl”.

You do such a fantastic job, I love watching you during depositions and during trial….I get total gratification in knowing that the defendants are afraid of you….with good reason! Kudos to you for taking care of all these meso. victims. So many people wouldn’t work as hard as you to help these people. I know that you truly believe in these people…your clients and you do your best to take care of them financially. You are one awesome man!! Everytime you have been cautiously optimistic, it has always worked in your clients favor…and I speak from experience!
Angie F.

Thanks from my heart (for) everything you have done for our mother.
Yolanda H.

Jeff Mundy is a premier trial lawyer. In a recent case, I brought Jeff in as co-counsel to help our team by handling the most difficult discovery and evidentiary issues. His assistance was everything I had hoped for and more. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a trial lawyer. He is excellent as a team member and pleasure to work with.
Jim Blackburn, Blackburn & Carter, Houston, Texas

You all have been instrumental in forming my life as it is today….Thank you for so much.

Alvena P.

I just wanted to reach out to you so I could again express our deepest appreciation to you for being by our side at last week’s depositions…. It was a pleasure meeting you & we are just so grateful to you for all you did. Thanks again!

Holly B.

Mr. Mundy, I just wanted to thank you, very much, again…. I will always remember this kindness and have said a big thank you prayer to God on your behalf tonight…. Thank you again.

Giselle E.

Mr. Mundy, Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference. Thank you so much for your work and effort in obtaining this for us.

Annaliese M.

You have been so helpful to me and my family and I just want to tell you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Sandy K.

Since those days that we worked toward the settlement of our cause, I have put on a little distance from some of its more trying moments the kind of distance that the ongoing business of living makes. I am often reminded of the time and work you all put into our cause and of the time and work that I put into it alongside you all.

I’m working up to saying is that my acquaintance and working-association with each and all of you has been an honor and inspiration to me.

David S.

I am so eternally grateful to all what you have done for me.  I am most humble and grateful in no ways that any words or actions can describe….
Joseph S.  (from a text message)

Again, thank you for all your hardwork, advice, and friendship.
Sincerely, T.L.

Jeff is not only extremely bright, he is one of the kindest attorneys you will meet. He has a calm demeanor and a great sense of humor. But when it’s time to get serious and fight the good fight Jeff is a force to be reckoned with. Jeff does not shy away from challenging cases. Rather, he embraces the challenges and relishes finding the best way to surmount those challenges…. It is not surprising to me that so many of his clients sing his praises, appreciating his keen intellect and compassionate presence during the stress of litigation. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff for any personal injury matter.

Karen H., jury consultant

It was great being on the same side with you. And your enthusiasm for our case and cause was very evident and appreciated…. Thanks for all of your help and hope we will have a chance to be on the same side again in the future. If I have serious complex litigation you can be sure I will call you. Peter

Peter W.

It is refreshing to deal with opposing counsel who is highly ethical and totally competent and zealously represents their clients.

A.J.D. (opposing attorney)

Thank you Jeff.  You have been such an integral part of this whole process and you have pulled a fantastic legal team together.  We certainly would not be at this point without your guidance.

Joe B. – Manager of a very large ranching interest fighting to protect the ranch’s water rights.

Thank you for believing in me … and the ones that lost their lives.  I believe you will be the voice for the suffering and the family’s that are still grieving their loss with no hope.  You are a kind, professional man. I am very blessed you came into my life. Great things are ahead of you. THE VOICE OF THOSE WHO HAVE NONE…  God is bringing forth a voice in you.  Many will hear your voice in the higher offices and you will make a difference in this world.

Aleta M.

I want to take this moment to say YOU (Mundy Firm) have with your expertise in what you do, enriched my life greatly. Thank you!


Out of the thousands of lawyers (literally) that I’ve known in my career, you’re one of only a small group that I truly respect and admire for your integrity.
Richard E. (expert witness and former member of law enforcement)