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Nov 10, 2011 — by Jeff Mundy
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An article in the American Bar Association Journal describes the Texas Workers' Compensation law and the opinions of many experts that it allows insurance companies to be unfair to workers. According to the article, even when workers have completely legitimate cases, all too frequently they don't get the medical care they need in a timely fashion. The article highlights the case of a deputy sheriff shot on the job, who was given the runaround by the insurance company when he sought medical care under workers' compensation. Mundy & Singley have seen our clients' difficulties with insurance companies in the workers' comp system and the problems it causes for getting reasonable and necessary medical care. Mundy & Singley believe that hard-working Texans deserve to have the medical care they need, when they need it, after an on-the-job injury. That is the whole point of the system - to take care of injured workers fairly. It is unfair to have a law that lets insurance companies have the upper hand and deny or delay medical care just to help the bottom line.

The article can be found on the internet at this link:

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