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Car accident lawsuitAccording the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an auto accident occurs in the United States every five seconds. Someone is injured in an auto accident every 10 seconds, and a person dies every 13 minutes on America’s roadways. When you are involved in a significant auto accident, you need exceptional legal representation to help you through the enormous problems raised by a few seconds which will alter your life forever. Contact an auto accident attorney at our Austin practice serving Georgetown, Round Rock and San Marcos today to schedule a review of your case.

At The Mundy Firm of Austin , we know that even apparently small auto accidents may have significant life-altering consequences. Your Mundy Firm attorney will evaluate the circumstances surrounding your auto accident, from the accident to the impacts on your life such as your medical bills, lost wages, physical impairment, and extended pain and suffering.

Contact a Mundy Firm auto accident attorney in Austin for a free consultation when another driver’s bad decision impacts your life.

The Devastation of an Alcohol-Related Auto Accident

Victims of drunk drivers are forced to endure life-altering events, permanent injuries, financial hardships, and even the death of loved ones all because a driver made the awful and grossly negligent decision to drive after drinking alcohol. If a drunk driver injured you, a Mundy Firm auto accident lawyer is ready to make sure they accept responsibility for their wrongful conduct or seek to have a jury impose responsibility for those drunk drivers who are unethical and refuse to right their wrongs. The aftermath of an alcohol-related auto accident can last for years because of injuries, lost wages, and overwhelming grief and sorrow.

Given the seriousness of these situations, you will need an auto accident lawyer who will take a hard line to pursue full compensation for your injuries, your significant pain and suffering, medical bills which can runs hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in the future. The law applicable to many drunk driving accidents involving serious injuries or death allow for damages to punish the drunk driver. If you are a resident of Houston, Austin, or any Texas community and a drunk driving auto accident has impacted your life, a Mundy Firm lawyer can help you pursue just compensation for your hardship. Contact our Austin firm for a free evaluation of your case.

Your Mundy Firm Auto Accident Attorney Is Ready to Help

When you have been involved in a significant auto accident, we strongly recommend you retain an attorney before speaking with the insurance company representatives. Their job is to save their insurance company money and buy you off as cheaply as possible. Certain major insurance companies have especially notorious reputations for “lowballing” significant claims and discouraging injured citizens from consulting with auto accident lawyers about their rights. Many insurance companies now make payment decisions based on a computer program which simply tallies lost wages and medical bills to arrive at a payment figure which is presented as a “take it or leave it” offer. These computer models provide little value for a stay-at-home mother taking care of her young family, or our senior citizens, even if she sustains very significant injuries in an auto accident. You only have one case and one chance to seek compensation, so you should consider an Austin-based Mundy Firm auto accident lawyer to handle your circumstances. Just as you need a doctor to treat a broken arm or cancer, you need a lawyer to handle significant injury claims. Your future and likely the future of those close to you depend on your decision.

Contact an Austin-based Mundy Firm auto accident attorney when the misfortune of an auto accident happens to you. Our lawyer has the knowledge and legal skills to provide you with exceptional representation.


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