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Car Wreck Law - Non-Use of Seatbelt

Mar 18, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Car Wreck


... it was well established in Texas jurisprudence that such evidence did not constitute contributory negligence, nor was it properly considered as a means to mitigate damages. 

Trucking Wreck - Proximate Cause

Nov 24, 2012 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Car Wreck

18 Wheeler driver pulled over on the side of the interstate to check his engine.  He left his trailer partially in the lane of traffic, but failed to put out reflective warning devices.

Another truck swerved in front of the plaintiff, cutting him off, and he then hit the trailer partially in his lane of traffic.  The appellate court ruled that the parked trailer was a "proximate cause" of the wreck and injuries.

Truck Driver Safety and Cell Phones - U.S. Gov't Bans Hand-Held Cell Phone Use by Truck Drivers

Nov 29, 2011 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Car Wreck

Last week, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation announced a new federal safety rule for interstate truck drivers, prohibiting their use of hand-held cell phones. Approximately 4 million commercial drivers are affected by this safety rule. Mundy & Singley applaud the government's ongoing efforts to improve trucking safety and reduce distracted driving by truck drivers. The Department of Transportation issued a press release on the rule, at this web site:

Car Wrecks & Cell Phones

Mar 24, 2011 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Car Wreck

The National Safety Council reports that drivers using cell phones, even in hands free mode, are four times more likely to be involved in a car wreck than drivers not using cell phones. The National Safety Council estimates that 25% of all wrecks now involve cell phone use. Juries are sending strong messages to drivers and employers that this risk should be avoided. If you have been in a wreck caused by a driver on a cell phone, call us to discuss the facts.

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