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Asbestos & Mesothelioma - Corruption of Science & Scientific Literature

Oct 21, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos

Geogia Pacific is the latest corporation found to be engaged in manipulating scientific research for its benefit.

Trying to avoid responsibility for mesothelioma victims who contracted this asbestos cancer from Georgia Pacific drywall and joint compound products, Georgia Pacific engaged a secret team to attempt to manipulate the scientific literature.

Surgery for Mesothelioma - Study Results

Apr 29, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos

The observed rate of operability is promising. A median survival of 23 months for patients undergoing EPP compares favourably with the survival reported from single center studies of upfront surgery. This approach was not associated with an increase in psychological distress.

Chemo for Mesothelioma - Analysis of Results in UK

Apr 28, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is almost always fatal, and the worldwide incidence continues to rise. In the UK, the mortality rate increased 12-fold between 1968 and 2001; nearly 2000 deaths were recorded in 2005, and estimates predict that this number will increase to a peak of about 2200 by the year 2013. By 2001, 25 000 deaths had already resulted from mesothelioma in the UK and at least another 65 000 are expected by 2050. Similar figures are seen in other western European countries, with an estimated 250 000 mesothelioma deaths by 2035. The incidence of mesothelioma is directly related to the production and use of asbestos, and whereas the incidence peak is approaching in the USA and western Europe, in future decades the epidemic will shift towards countries that still produce or use large quantities of asbestos—eg, Russia, China, Canada, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, and Thailand.

Asbestos Facts - National Cancer Institute

Apr 27, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos



What factors affect the risk of developing an asbestos-related disease?


Several factors can help to determine how asbestos exposure affects an individual, including (2,6):

  • Dose (how much asbestos an individual was exposed to).
  • Duration (how long an individual was exposed).
  • Size, shape, and chemical makeup of the asbestos fibers.
  • Source of the exposure.
  • Individual risk factors, such as smoking and pre-existing lung disease.

Although all forms of asbestos are considered hazardous, different types of asbestos fibers may be associated with different health risks. For example, the results of several studies suggest that amphibole forms of asbestos may be more harmful than chrysotile, particularly for mesothelioma risk, because they tend to stay in the lungs for a longer period of time

Alimta - Chemo for Mesothelioma

Apr 26, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos


What is Alimta (pemetrexed for injection)?

Alimta is a new cancer drug used to treat malignant pleural mesothelioma. Alimta is given with cisplatin, another anti-cancer medicine.

Texas Whistleblower Law

Jan 5, 2013 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Whistleblower Asbestos

School employee reported asbestos hazards in a school and was terminated.  He brought a whistleblower action against the school district.

The court of appeals found that the the school district was not entitled to governmental immunity from a whistleblower action.

MDL Multi-District Court - Asbestos & Silica MDL ruling

Nov 24, 2012 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos

Texas MDL (multi-district litigation) courts have jurisdiction limited to only "qualified cases" with "common issues" related to the subject matter of the MDL litigation, such as asbestos, or silica.

Court Victory Protects The Constitutional Rights of All Texans - A Tribute to Our Client John Robinson

Nov 5, 2010 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos

Mundy & Singley proudly announce a major court victory protecting the rights of all Texans with a favorable ruling on behalf of deceased mesothelioma client John Robinson and his family in the Texas Supreme Court. Mr. Robinson was a career Navy man, and died of cancer caused by breathing asbestos from products used in the boiler rooms of his Navy ships. After Mundy & Singley filed a case for Mr. Robinson, one of the companies in the case (Crown Cork & Seal) had a law passed in the Texas Legislature taking away his right to have his day in court against them. Mundy & Singley challenged the law as contrary to the Texas Constitution's Bill of Rights, which forbids the Legislature from passing "retroactive" laws - a legal term for laws that eliminate rights that a person already has. 

Veterans' Day

Nov 10, 2008 — by Jeff Mundy
Tags: Asbestos

In honor of our clients, Victor Davis, John Robinson, and Garry Miller.

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