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"Hot Coffee" Movie - The Truth About the McDonald's Coffee case

Jul 29, 2011 — by SEO Admin
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Everyone has heard about the "McDonald's Coffee" case. Opponents of the jury trial system claim it is the ultimate "frivolous lawsuit," and many comedians have made fun of the case. A new documentary movie called "Hot Coffee" reveals what really happened. The truth will surprise you. Arm yourself with the facts about Stella Liebeck, her injuries, and her case and then ask yourself whether the claim of "frivolous lawsuit" is fair. The next time someone tells you a case is "frivolous," ask them about the facts and how much they know about the case. When you get all the facts, the claim of "frivolous lawsuit" very often melts away in the light of the truth.

Federal Trucking Agency Considers New Safety Rules

Jul 8, 2011 — by Jeff Mundy
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the U.S. Government agency that regulates the safety of commercial trucking and truck drivers. The FMCSA has proposed new rules to increase safety by reducing the "Hours of Service" for truck drivers. The rules are being considered but have not yet been finalized. Mundy & Singley support rules that improve safety requirements for truck drivers. The rule proposals can be found at the FMCSA web site:

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