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You or a family member have just been diagnosed with mesothelioma, now what?

Work with the doctors to stabilize your condition, and make sure to talk with them about pain management.

As soon as possible, retain a mesothelioma lawyer at our Austin practice serving GeorgetownRound Rock, and San Marcos to start working to protect your legal rights.

We cannot cure your mesothelioma, but we can work to make something good come from a bad situation so that you may help your wife, children, and family in the future.

Texas has established onerous standards for its citizens to hold corporations responsible for causing mesothelioma, among the harshest in the United States. Some Texas courts are now applying a rule that the mesothelioma client's testimony is mandatory to meet the current Texas law. If you become incapacited, incapable of giving testimony, or pass away without giving your testimony, these courts hold that neither you nor your family will be able to protect your rights for mesothelioma caused by asbestos. We do not think this is a just or correct rule and hope to change it, but must advise you candidly of this development in order for you to help your family protect your rights from contracting mesothelioma. Therefore, if you or a loved one has become affected, please contact a mesothelioma lawyer with our Austin practice as soon as possible.

We urge all of our mesothelioma clients to move as quickly as possible to preserve their testimony. The legal procedures to preserve testimony for a mesothelioma case in Texas require 6 - 8 weeks in ideal circumstances, and sometimes longer, as these courts require a substantial amount of legal work to be completed before your testimony may be preserved.

Once the court's permission has been obtained, we videotape your testimony under oath, just as if you were in the courtroom. Hopefully, you, our client, will remain alive and well for a long time, but with mesothelioma, prudence requires us to do what we can to preserve your testimony as quickly as reasonably possible. We coordinate with your medical treatment schedule, as it always has priority.

Mesothelioma patients have legal rights to hold those who caused their asbestos cancer responsible. 100's of corporations manufactured, sold, distributed, and/or oversaw the use of asbestos containing products.

Many of the most culpable corporations such as Johns Manville and Pittsburgh Corning remain in business, but may no longer be brought to court. The sole remedy for mesothelioma victims against such companies is to pursue claims against their bankruptcy trusts, which were established to handle mesothelioma asbestos bankruptcy claims.

Other companies that are responsible for asbestos products and uses have not sought bankruptcy protection. For these companies, responsibility and justice must be pursued through the court system. Sometimes even though a mesothelioma patient lives in Texas, their case may properly and permissibly brought in a more favorable state. In those situations, we work with our colleagues in other states to bring your case in a state which has laws that are more favorable to citizens than corporations.

Handling asbestos claims requires years of experience to understand the games played by corporations to evade justice, as well as the determination by a lawyer to fight hard cases and the most powerful corporations in the world.

Jeff Mundy led the fight on behalf of two of his clients against special legislation in Texas, which gave one corporation, Crown Cork & Seal / Mundet, complete immunity from all liability applied retroactively. See, Robinson v. Crown Cork & Seal, and Satterfield v. Crown Cork & Seal.

Mesothelioma, Wrongful Death, and All Cases—Our Attorney Seeks Justice for You

Anyone who has suffered the death of a loved one knows that lingering grief and pain can last for a lifetime. When the loved one is lost unnecessarily because of a defective or dangerous product, or negligence, family members have to endure deep feelings of injustice as well. When mesothelioma causes prolonged suffering or wrongful death of a loved one, the family is left with a strong sense that their loss was needless, that their loved one should still be with them. Our Austin mesothelioma attorney understands these feelings and knows that any injustice must be corrected. When a Mundy Firm client suffers because of mesothelioma, a wrongful death, or as the result of any malicious or negligent act, our attorney seeks justice so our client can heal emotionally, physically and psychologically to the greatest extent possible.

Your fight becomes our fight. We use all our skill and experience to pursue the justice you and your family deserve. Contact a mesothelioma lawyer with the Mundy Firm in Austin today.

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